Selling Hands-on Guide!

One of the powerful quote by Kevin Systrom, “Great products sell themselves.”

  1. Presentable photos. Photos with white background work well. Other than white background, it should be presented simple, neat and clean.
  2. Naming convention. When we search for products at HerFloor, we look for products with descriptive product names. It’s better to give good titles to your product, for example: product with title “branded bag” or “handmade” are vague. Whereas if we take an example of a bracelet with proper title, “Mango Cotton Top For Everning Wear”. It leaves a great impression and you will get to sell them faster.
  3. Proper categorization. Good title of the product placed in a proper category works well. So, make sure you have placed it right.
  4. Realistic approach for pricing. Setting the unrealistic prices will instantly be the crush point for your product. Do some research first as how others are pricing and what the market trend is.
  5. Get featured on the marketplace. Our curation team is always up to feature amazing products daily. Make sure you follow the above guide when uploading products through our app.

HerFloor is where women earn money from home by monetizing their skills and talent.

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