Meet Manahil Qureshi, a Chemical Engineer Who Ventured into Entrepreneurship

Hey Manahil, tell us about yourself

I am a chemical engineer by profession and I used to work for Nestle Pak Ltd. Recently, I decided to venture into a jewelry business named Glare Jewels.

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How did you come up with the idea of Glare Jewels?

We have been into artificial jewelry business for more than 20 years, but lacked any brand identity or a persona. Having a physical shop in a corner somewhere was not  sufficient to smack our competitors down in this competitive market.

Naturally, someone in the family had to step up! And I did by launching a fresh brand and named it Glare Jewels. We are different because of our prompt customer services and a wide range of curated collection of jewelry products.

What motivated you to take your business to the next level?

Many people are moving from physical stores to buy goods and services on the Internet. Online shopping is loved because it is convenient. People can shop from the comfort of their houses.

Going digital was the only way for us to grow and scale because we live in a connected world, ideas, products and services spread faster than ever before.


Any challenges that you faced that proved to be an obstacle?

Well, taking an initiative was the biggest challenge actually! All thanks to my family for believing in me (Alhumdullilah!).

I had a hidden fear that I wouldn’t be able to balance my personal and professional life but having a supportive family by your side eases up such nitty gritty issues and enables you to focus on real life changing things that can be beneficial in longer terms as Gol Roti cannot solve financial crises.

Making Gol Rotis at home cannot solve financial crises.

Is it hard being a woman with an idea to accomplish?

If I would get a chance to reborn and choose my gender, I will choose to be a female again. Yes, it is sometimes hard to convince people about what you believe in, your thoughts and your vision.

People in our society somehow feel troubled having a woman nearby who won’t give up no matter what.

Many women tend to underestimate themselves despite of having every capability to accomplish even more than their male peers.

It is very important to have a right support system and thankfully I have it and so making it to use.

How’s your product different or better than others?

Product Quality and Value for Customers’ Money is something which we ensure by all means. Some Angreezi inspired brands make hefty profits which we have avoided by giving great value to our customers’ money.

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How’s your experience of teaming up with the sibling for a business?

It is more of a family fun activity. We learn both ways and I wish to keep the same in future.

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What are your major responsibilities in the business?

Branding through digital marketing, consumer handling and e-commerce are one of my core responsibilities in the family owned business.

Describe your business in three words.

­­Queenly, Edgy and Sophisticated.

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